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March Update

March Update

Concrete flooring in the Field House of the Cambridge Community Center, Jeffersonville Vermont

We are excited to announce that the concrete slab has been poured in the Field House! This was a huge part of our phase 1 fundraising efforts and it feels great to see it here and in place. The next phase in the Field House will be raising funds for a multi-purpose flooring that will go on top of this slab.

The concrete floor cost $47,000. $39,000 went to Harrison’s for the concrete and the sealing. $8,000 went to Johnson Farm & Garden for the insulation that went under the slab. The furnace installation is almost done and additional electrical in the bathrooms and office is in progress. 

The next steps are:
  • Lay the sewer line – April
  • Finish bathrooms – April/May
  • Install 2 new entrance doors to field house
  • Finish installing panic hardware on 2 more doors in annex – April/May
  • Purchase and install fitness equipment – May
  • Obtain certificate of occupancy
  • Open fitness gym – Aiming for late May/June

We are also finishing up the Northern Borders grant. This grant is funding amenities as well as a wider driveway and extra parking spaces to enable the CCC to function as an official trailhead linked to the Rail Trail. Bid packages will be going out this week with hopes of getting the driveway widened and parking spaces installed early to mid-summer or maybe sooner. We may even be able to open the fitness gym before the parking lot is 100% completed.

We have worked very hard to raise enough money to make this happen and we are looking forward to the continued momentum through the summer! Thank you to all who have donated their time, expertise, and/or money. We are still accepting donations via brick purchases, stock bequests, etc. so please click here if you’d like to help:

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