Cambridge VT Community Center

Summer Workdays

Summer Workdays

Can you believe it?! Over 150 work hours have been put into the Center since the end of May. A few highlights include a new roof on the cabin, and waterlines have been discovered so we can begin work on the driveway!
Check out the long list of stuff we have planned! We could always use some extra help. Can you lend a hand?

Excavation Work:
1. Find old septic tank and outlet from building, water line from curb stop to field house.
2. Finish surveying for excavation work
3. Erect silt fencing
4. Pump station and septic line
5. Road and parking

1. Remove asbestos
2. Emergency lighting and exit signs
3. Install new exit doors and panic hardware

1. Finish gutting (volunteers)
2. Redesign space (bathrooms, office, etc)
3. Rebuild (plumbing, sheet rock, etc)

1. Repair sheet rock
2. Paint
3. Carpet
4. New furnace, water heaters, heat pumps

Field House:
1. Entry landing and handicap ramp
2. Flood proofing
3. Flooring
4. Repair insulation, windows, ventilation

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