Cambridge VT Community Center


Diana Wood

I decided to become involved in the Cambridge Community Center development project to honor the memories of my father and godfather. Their positive influence directly contributed to happiness and wellbeing of all the residents in my small hometown. As a teenager, I was always proud to be recognized as Geoff’s daughter by elders in my community. Call it ‘paying it forward’, ‘giving back to society’ call it whatever you like, but I was raised with a sense of duty to make the world a better a better place, and the best place to start is at home, here in Jeffersonville. I strongly believe a vibrant Community Center will offer something of value to everyone in the area.

Linnea Harben

Having grown up in a similar town I understand the need for and the value of having a place like a community center.  I see this center as being a central part of our community’s identity in the future; having this facility and its programs right here will not only be convenient but also allow for some people to participate that would otherwise miss out.

Another reason I am excited to be involved is because I want to give back to this amazing community. After our house fire I was completely overwhelmed by the outpouring of support we received. I can’t even put it into words. We were a small family, fairly new to town, and yet this community really united to support us. That’s just how it is here and that’s exactly why we want to live here. I love Cambridge/Jeffersonville and am thrilled to be a small part of this big effort to get us a community center.

Lauri Boyden

I believe strongly in connections, dreams and making them reality. Community members are connected and foundations are built around schools, activities, church and enriching each other. Cambridge feels a gap once our children leave the lower levels of education and advance to the middle/high levels another 25 minutes away from our tight knit community. The ties that bind a community would be found in our new center – a place where so many of our children, adults, seniors could gather to learn, enjoy sports and being active, explore arts and music. The Cambridge Community Center would be the hub for people in our area. Just the definition of community alone creates an image in my mind that our town is seeking – the feeling of fellowship with others as a result of common interests and goals. I believe in repurposing and making something we have better if possible. To renovate and recreate the old Windridge property with the help of an already existing nonprofit – Cambridge 360 is the ideal situation for our future community center. I was asked to chair this task force and I believe I can support the best possible connections and help build a strong foundation so that the Cambridge Community Center dream will come true.

John Dunn

For as long as I’ve lived here, people have yearned for a community center, and it has long been a dream of mine to help acquire and restore the old Windridge Tennis Camp for such a purpose. I believe that creating a beautiful, functional space for community gatherings, recreation, the arts, and continuing education for all is one of the most important things we can do to improve our community health and well-being.

Liz Small

I support the Cambridge Community Center project because I would like to have a place for my children to participate in activities right here in our wonderful town. This location is the perfect place for our growing community to gather.

Russ Weis

I’ve lived in this wonderful area for almost two decades, and have greatly enjoyed being here. And now, facing the prospect of an exciting new place where our community can gather for so many worthwhile and fun activities, I find myself waking up each day with a spring in my step and a delightful feeling of anticipation. The rebirth of the Windridge property into a place for all will be like a phoenix rising in the center of our great town, and I can’t wait for it to take wing!

Rachel Rose

I have chosen to work on the Cambridge Community Center task force because I feel strongly that this community needs a multi-purpose gathering place and a fitness facility. There are so many wonderful happenings going on in Cambridge and so many more things that could happen if we had the space. I think the fitness center aspect of the Community Center is important for the health of the people of Cambridge and Jeffersonville. We have a high concentration of health-minded people who would love a place right here to pursue their fitness goals. I feel honored to be working with a group people who are so dedicated to making a community center/fitness center a reality.