Cambridge VT Community Center

We’re getting closer!

We’re getting closer!

#GivingTuesday may be over until next year, but there’s still time to give! Your year-end contribution will be always tax deductible!

So much has happened lately at the Community Center through the hard work of several volunteers, donated labor and materials. We’re hoping to have the annex open this Winter! Wouldn’t you like to keep your New Year’s Resolution for staying healthy right here in town at the Community Center with some Zumba or boot camp classes or yoga?

This our year end appeal for donations to make this happen.

Please Help!

Check out these highlights on the work that’s been done this Fall.


The driveway was leveled and re-graveled in time for the Music Festival.


Flowerbeds placed along the property line got a fresh mulching.


Exterior & Field House

A new concrete slab was poured to redo the entrance from the field house to annex.


The roof got a fresh coat of paint!


Interior Annex

Work continued on the bathrooms, removing the old fixtures and the new bathroom is being framed in, along with a new furnace.

The annex has fresh paint and new carpeting. We still need to get hooked up to the sewer system, but we have a pump ready to install. We are also about ready to install safety doors and once the last bits are completed we can get our Certificate of Occupancy!!!


So much has been done, and there’s still so much to be done. We could really use your help!

We estimate that we need about $65,000 to complete the work to open the Annex.

The list includes:

$30,000 for fitness equipment

$5,000 for bathrooms

$20,000 for septic

$5,000 materials for life safety (smoke, fire, emergency exits)

$3,000 heating

$2,000 for other incidentals


The good news is we have raised a lot, but we still need about $40,000 more. Some may come in the form of grants, but not all. SO, if you’re looking forward to using this space in the future as much as we are, please help us now. We’re looking for money donations, appreciated stock donations and in-kind goods and services.

You can go directly to the Cambridge 360 website to donate, or call 802-644-9368.

If you would like to be remembered for years to come… you can get a brick for your donation of $200 or more, and have a custom message inscribed. They really do make an awesome gift for the Holidays!



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